DEC Nepal Appeal

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

We all know what’s happened in Nepal this week. We actively support a number of local charities but I felt compelled to do something to help this horrible situation too. It’s somewhere most of us will never go but they are all the still humans like us. So I’m giving away at least one midweek break in one of my cottages in May to the highest bidder, with all the money going directly to the DEC Nepal appeal. Please take two minutes to read on

Our weekends are pretty chocka-bloc in May but we have midweek (Monday to Friday) availability

This break is worth over £250 but I’ll give it to the highest bidder and the maximum you will pay is £150. How?…

If the bidding goes over £150 the bidder that offers £150 will get the break and I will give away another one, also maximum payment of £150, again going to the £150 bidder

If the bidding doesn’t reach £150, the highest bidder will still get the break and I will make the money up to £150 myself. The same for the second break if it does go over £150. So between us we can give the DEC £150 or £300 and one, possibly two couples can get a very cheap midweek break in Suffolk in one of my lovely barns

This is going out on Facebook and Twitter and you MUST share the post on your timeline or RT on Twitter as well as bid in order to get the break. I am NOT asking people to ‘Like’ our page or ‘Follow us’. I am asking people to share the post in order to get the allow as many people to see this as possible and get the bidding up. I repeat for the cynics, I am NOT trying to increase our own following on Facebook or Twitter, I am trying to get as much money as possible for the DEC Nepal Appeal

If you can’t come or don’t want to bid, I’d appreciate it if you could share the post anyway in case someone you know may want to

Please email me your bid to – This way it will be timed and the first one to £150 will get the break(s) – I will notify you first by email and then would like to share it on Facebook & Twitter too if that’s ok? It’d be great if you could just post or tweet the word ‘Done’ if you have emailed me but I MUST have the bid by email a) so it is timed and b) in case Facebook or Twitter get funny with me about announcing it on there as it could contravene their rules

I will stop the ‘offer’ when we hit £300 or by Weds 6th May, whichever is the soonest

Hope that all makes sense? If not, just call me on 07810 371218

The break(s) will be for a midweek break in May for two people, one of whom must be aged 18 or over and you can bring up to 2 dogs. It will subject to availability of course but if for any reason it can’t happen, it will happen another time. You WILL be getting a cheap break

If you don’t know about the DEC Nepal Appeal then have a look here