Borrow a dog and they stay free in our Suffolk Holiday Cottages!

Dog friendly accomodation at Woodfarm Barns Suffolk

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

How cool is this?

Many people love dogs but for some reason don’t have one of their own. Now there is an answer! Borrow my is a matching agency for people who want to spend time with a dog but don’t have one!

Set up in 2012 by Rikke Roselund and Les Cochrane, we think it’s such an innovative idea.

Whether it’s a walk, playday or even a holiday they match suitable people up with dogs in their area. You create a profile and browse local matches, kinda like a dating site (so I’ve been told!) pay a fee and then hey presto, start spending some quality time with a dog that may otherwise be at home because their owner has to work (to pay the vets bills maybe) or simply can’t get out and about too much but loves the company.

They have loads of national press and rightly so, now with thousands of members all over the UK and Ireland!

If you want to register your dog so he or she can get out and about more it’s £44.99 a year and if you want to borrow one it’s just £9.99 a year!

We think it’s such a great idea, if anyone comes and stays here with a ‘Borrow my Doggy’ Dog, the dog can come FREE! We’ll need evidence of this of course. Just contact me directly to give me the details.

So check out their full website.