AirArtwork in partnership with Woodfarm

Last Updated on April 6, 2023

AirArtwork – artists working for artists. We have such an exciting collaboration to share with you. AirArtwork is a new, innovative collaboration between Artists, prestigious premises and art lovers. And they are Suffolk based!

I was contacted by the founder Astra Taylor-Todd and was intrigued by the concept, which seemed like such an innovative way to add a new dimension to our Barns & Barges, whilst connecting artists directly with buyers.

Their aim is to utilise the abundance of wall space in holiday properties, restaurants and other prestigious commercial premises with original art for sale. 

Astra says “As a working artist myself I understand how difficult it is for an artist to gain exposure and the financial commitments needed to progress in the industry. AirArtwork’s premise is to support artists by giving them more percentage per sale (70%) than the industry standard gallery 50%. Exhibitions and Fairs charge a substantial amount to exhibit an artist’s work for just a few days, with AirArtwork the artist has no fees”.

AirArtwork only began in January 2023, and they already have 30 amazing artists signed up with more applications being processed at the time of posting this is April 2023.

Their aim is to partner with prestigious premises such as Woodfarm Barns & Barges, and offer a portfolio of local, national, and international artists to exhibit for sale.

So how does it work? AirArtwork hangs artwork in the premises, next to the art is a label with the artworks title, name of the artist, a QR code and a website link address. Guests can either scan the QR code or if they prefer they can type in the website link address, both will take them to the profile page of the artist on the AirArtwork website.

As with any online shopping you can purchase the artwork with a few simple clicks. The artwork in front of you is now yours. You will be sent a confirmation email to your chosen email address as a receipt. 

The premises you are in will have some bubble wrap and you will be informed in a follow up email of where the wrap is. You can take the work down, wrap it in bubbles and take it home with you.

AirArtwork will replace the work with another piece once you have left.

If you have a small car or the work is too large for you to take home, that’s ok. We can arrange delivery for the work to be sent to your home.

If you notice other works you like on the website and fall in love with those instead, no problem, if they are on the website then they are available to purchase.

We at Woodfarm are delighted to be partnering with AirArtwork, and hope that the pieces in our Barns and Barges are of interest to you. For any queries or enquiries, simply contact them via the AirArtwork website.

AirArtwork pieces are on display aboard Onderneming, and in Alde Barn, Deben Barm, Gipping Barn, Orwell Barn, Stour Barn and The Granary Barn.

Please take a look around the AirArtwork site by clicking on their logo below