Afternoon Tea: The Grandparents’ Perfect Tonic

Afternoon tea in Suffolk

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Summer is just around the corner and we think we have the perfect tonic for frazzled grandparents ahead of their grandchildren duties over the holidays!

Our Suffolk Barns are relaxing already to so many of our retired guests, with many grandparents coming to take cover from the little ones back home. We’ve now made it even better for you! We’ve teamed up with our friends at our fab local deli to treat you to Afternoon Tea if you book a midweek break during April, May and June, for a stay in that period and enjoy the calm before the storm of summer!

If your summer involves looking after the grandchildren, getting carted off to the playground, smothered in face paint and having your lovely clean car filled up with sweet wrappers then we may have the solution to all your problems before grandparents’ duties kick in! We know you love it and it’s rewarding, but if you just wish there was a chance to steady the nerves before it happens then look no further!

Relaxing break in Suffolk for GrandparentsSo how about treating yourselves to a Spring Break in Suffolk before that mayhem?

Please have a good look at our Cottage Videos page to get a feel for what we are all about here and start imagining yourselves relaxing in the Heart of the Suffolk Countryside.

Then imagine combining that with a fabulous FREE Afternoon Tea courtesy of us! We have seven Luxury Holiday Cottages to choose from, with your dogs if you have them and with the added bonus of your FREE afternoon tea, that’s why we think it’s the perfect grandparents’ tonic!

Grandparents Spring break with your dogsYou won’t be woken up by anything other than yourself and maybe the dawn chorus, but definitely not by having your nostrils filled up with play-dough! Unless of course you like that! I’m sure we could find some for you!

You get more nights for your money with one of our Midweek Breaks and now with a FREE Afternoon Tea as well, it’s even better.

We’ve been working with the guys at the Deli at The Chilli Farm for years now and as it’s only round the corner you can pop over there any day you wish during your midweek Spring break and have a lovely authentic Suffolk Afternoon Tea on us!

You’ll be treated to handmade sandwiches from the menu, with bread baked locally, a choice of Suffolk meats, salmon, cheeses etc, scones made by the fair hands of the team at the Deli, with Suffolk jam and cream, all washed down with a delicious cup of tea or coffee, also made here in sunny Suffolk!

All you have to do to receive your FREE Afternoon Tea is book a four night midweek break during April, May or June, using the Voucher Code ‘GRANDPARENTS’ and we’ll give you a voucher to hand in at the Deli so you can tuck in to your Afternoon Tea whenever you wish. You don’t need to book.

Dogs are also welcome at the Deli so if you have four-legged friends then all well and good! This offer finishes at the start of July so grab your diary and look at our availability and prices!

Please note: We offer a £25 voucher for first time guests, but can’t also give you the FREE Afternoon Tea. You choose which one you would like.

This offer is for four night midweek breaks booked and taken during April, May and June 2017 and cannot be applied retrospectively. The Voucher Code must be on the booking form at the time of booking. There isn’t a cash alternative.