A magical Romantic Break in Suffolk

A couple sit on a bench at sunset

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Suffolk is an ideal place to come for a Romantic Break. Here’s some things to do here in Suffolk that can help spark that magical kismet between two people.

-Have a romantic meal out.

Here in Suffolk we are fortunate enough to be blessed with an abundance of wonderful restaurants. Many of which are perfect locations for an evening of fine dining, hand holding and eye gazing by candlelight.

Essential for any Romantic Break.

We have written about many of the best romantic restaurants but top of a lot of people’s list is Maison Bleue in Bury St Edmunds

-… or a romantic meal in.

Fancy a bit more privacy for your romantic dining experience? There’s few things that say ‘I love you’ quite like a hand prepared home cooked meal.

All our holiday cottages come equipped with kitchens containing all the utilities one needs to prepare a meal for a loved one.

-Take a romantic walk.

Holding hands and partaking in deep conversations whilst out strolling in gorgeous countryside are a must for any Romantic Break.

The exercise is good for the body and soul. Spending time exploring somewhere new with a loved one offers opportunity for a deeper connection and for a new shared experience.

In Suffolk we are spoilt for choice for locations for your romantic walk, including a fabulous one right from your cottage door!

-Visit a romantic location. 

You could have a drink or a meal at sunset on the Waterfront in Ipswich, or watch the sunrise over Framlingham Castle.

See the scenery that inspired John Constable around Flatford and Dedham or visit one of our area’s nature reserves.

There are so many locations in Suffolk to visit whilst on a Romantic Break! We have written about many of these elsewhere in our Blog Posts.

– Have a romantic stay at Woodfarm Barns!

The most important ingredient of all (in our opinion)

Relax in beautiful and luxurious surroundings with your loved one here in one of our cottages.

Take a dip in a hot tub as three of our cottages have them, or take a walk in the countryside. Or simply curl up together in front of an open fire and melt into each others arms are the rest of the world fades away into a distant memory.

Ingredients for a magical Romantic Break in Suffolk. We have so many first breaks together here, as well as proposals, honeymoons and first anniversaries so we truly believe our holiday cottages are an ideal location for romance to blossom.

So are you looking to take that special someone on a Romantic Break in Suffolk? Our luxury holiday cottages are just the ticket! You can check our availability here: