A Guide to Suffolk’s Top Specialty Restaurants

A group of plates with breakfast foods on them

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Whilst it may seem surprising, Suffolk is in fact home to a number of speciality restaurants that make it easy to sample the very best international cuisine in the countryside. All easily accessible from our Barns and Barges to rent, we’ve served up a selection of the finest speciality restaurants to provide a veritable smorgasbord of options that cover just about every corner of the globe.

Maison Bleue, Speciality: European

Nestled in one of the many quaint cobbled streets of Bury St Edmunds, Maison Bleue offers guests the opportunity to experience modern French dining in a decidedly English setting. With seasonal delicacies also on offer, this is the place to go if you like your French dishes with a little artistic flair to them.

1921 Angel Hill, Speciality: British

Another restaurant situated in Bury St Edmunds – this time on Angel Hill where Charles Dickens famously stayed during his visits to the town – 1921 Angel Hill specialises in traditional British fare. Promising to deliver “elegant, comfortable, and award winning dining”, this Michelin Star restaurant whets the appetite by offering main courses that are reflective of the surrounding farmland, with a succulent saddle of lamb sourced from the nearby Denham estate being high on the list of popular dishes.

Takayama, Speciality: Korean/Japanese

Based in Ipswich, Takayama serves up delectable Korean and Japanese dishes. Alongside many favourites like miso soup, nigiri, and sushi rolls, Takayama also caters well for vegans with appetising alternatives. Ranking third out of all restaurants in Ipswich, reviews focus on how outstanding both the service and atmosphere are at this fantastic speciality spot in Suffolk.

Francela, Speciality: Mediterranean

Another fantastic restaurant settled atop Angel Hill, Francela specialises in bringing outstanding Mediterranean flavours to Suffolk. Using only the freshest of ingredients, Francela brings in plenty of repeat business thanks to its exceptional lamb, chicken, and seafood selections. 

Turkoman, Speciality: Turkish

A more recent addition to the lineup of specialty restaurants in Suffolk, Turkoman is located at the top of Newmarket’s racecourse. The ideal end to a day of racing (be sure to see our recent blog to find out more about how to best enjoy a day at the races), Turkoman owes its name to an esteemable horse breed, rather than the Turkish dishes it specialises in. From its chic modern surroundings to its wide range of classics, Turkish fans won’t go wrong here. 

To enjoy any of these restaurants when escaping to Suffolk for a holiday, be sure to take a look at the availability of our Barns and Barges for rent to ensure that you have the most comfortable and cosy accommodation to return to once you’re done.