5 of the Best Things to do in Suffolk this Summer

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Suffolk is a marvellous county located in a beautiful part of England. With ever-lasting fields stretching on for miles, only to be interrupted by bustling, vibrant historic villages or towns, Suffolk has a lot to offer. From town life to country life, there is something for everyone. We’ve lined up five of the best things to do, to get out and about this summer, and to enjoy the best that Suffolk has to offer.

1) Visiting the towns and villages

Suffolk towns and villages all have their own wonderful history and very different architectural styles, as well as a variety of activities to do in each. Lavenham is a stunning village located in the heart of South Suffolk, near to the small town of Sudbury, which has a rich history with a completely different architectural style to the neighbouring villages. This has everything to do with the way that it prospered from the wool age during the 15th and 16th centuries. Nowadays, it is well known for being a filming location for the Harry Potter franchise, where the Guildhall became Godric’s Hollow. Furthermore, the county town of Ipswich is a lively town in Suffolk, which is equally full of history. Well known for its beautiful parks, vast amount of shops through its town centre, and many attractions within and just outside of the town, such as Alton Water. Another beautiful town is Bury St Edmunds, a jewel in the crown of Suffolk. Hosting the only cathedral in Suffolk, which is a magnificent feature in the middle of the town, along with the stunning Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds has so much to offer. Overall, every town and village has something to treat visitors to in Suffolk, all with their unique characters.

2) Walk and cycle rides

Along with the scenery, the walks and the cycle rides combinations of where you can go are endless. Hosting quite a few national cycle routes, for those who are a keen road rider, up, down and across the county, which explore the scenery that Suffolk has to offer. And who said you had to stick to a specific route? Enjoy the winding country lanes swirling through the countryside or down through the busy streets that our towns have to offer. Furthermore, what about off-road? High Lodge, up by Thetford, will be right up your lane. With routes of varying difficulties, there is something for everyone at Thetford Forest. As well as that, it offers beautiful routes for walking as well, snaking through the forest. Further on walking, taking a walk out in the countryside in Suffolk is beautiful.

3) Adrenaline filled days out

For those who are keen on Go-Karting or Motocross days out, and much more, why not visit Wild Tracks, just off the A11 by Red Lodge. Or, for those who are keen mountain bike jumpers, why not visit Phoenix Cycleworks just near Newmarket. Or, why not try watersports at Alton Water, near Ipswich. Alton Water has canoeing, kayaking, sailing and windsurfing on offer, as well as more chilled activities, such as fishing and cycling or walking around the perimeter of the lake. And, for those who love heights, why not visit Go-Ape in Thetford Forest and explore the tree-tops!

4) Explore the history and heritage

Suffolk is a county, which is rich with history and heritage. For example, why not visit Framlingham castle, which is located in the east of the county. Originally built in the 1140s, it was destroyed by Henry II after the revolts of 1173-4, then to be rebuilt by the Earl of Norfolk and for King John II to take control of it. Despite such a majestic piece of history, Framlingham may still be better known for the popular singer, Ed Sheeran, who comes from the village.

Located again in the east of the county, you will find the Sutton Hoo national park, just outside the town of Woodbridge, not too far away from Ipswich. Here, you will find what used to be a large archaeological excavation site which was started back in 1939. They found many different items from the Anglo-Saxon period, the most known was the helmet, which had to be reconstructed as it was highly corroded. You can view all of this history in the museum part of the park. Then, dotted across the county are National Trust areas, for example, Ickworth House, or why not visit a reconstruction of an Anglo-Saxon village at West Stow?

5) The Coastline

Suffolk’s shores bordering the North Sea present various picturesque photo opportunities which look amazing on postcards! You don’t necessarily have to go into the sea but why not meander down the promenades, get a fish and chip meal and just relax on the beautiful beaches which Suffolk has to offer. For example, the coastal towns of Aldeburgh and Southwold have many independent retailers spread across their high streets, with arcades lining the seafront. If you prefer more relaxed settings for your beaches, why not take a trip to Thorpeness or Walberswick; beautiful beaches, but with a much quieter setting, with a pub or two in the village. Suffolk’s sandy shorelines aren’t to be missed.