5 of the Best Green Spaces in Suffolk

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Nature can always be depended on to create an attractive retreat that allows us all to relax and to soak up the sunshine on a lovely summer’s day. Especially those ones which have a lovely essence to them, with a water feature, or something that makes those long summer’s days even more memorable. With so many green spaces to choose from in Suffolk, we have whittled them down to a list of 5, allowing you to easily streamline your choices and enjoy the Great British Summer for however long it’ll last this time around.

  1. Thetford Forest – Around Thetford

Straddling the border between Suffolk and Norfolk, Thetford Forest is a huge, vast area of green trees spanning over 19000 hectares of land. Inside the forest, you are guaranteed a cool retreat under the huge leaves of the trees, surrounded by nature’s finest with the colossal amount of trees. Activities are centred around High Lodge, which is run by Forestry England, and features GoApe!, a huge amount of bike paths, as well as scenic walks and other events running throughout the year. It’s also just around the corner from the magnificently situated Brandon Country Park. With the Lynford Stag also just down the road, with a wooden sculpture of a stag and a huge amount of green area for everyone to relax and have a picnic on, Thetford Forest sure does have everything for everyone!

  1. Alton Water – nr Ipswich

Situated just outside the village of Tattingstone, just south of Ipswich, is Alton Water. Featuring a man made reservoir, with a perimeter of over 8 miles, the site of Alton Water park covers 400 acres of land and boasts a huge list of activities that you’ll find yourself getting involved in. Alton Water also offers a wide variety of water-based activities, such as fishing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing and a lot more on water-based activities, and then a tranquil environment for everyone to take a lovely meander through the huge range of nature that this place has to offer and then, if a faster mode of transport around the area is more suitable, there are cycle paths as well! And for when you may need a refreshment, or a bite to eat in the English heat, you are sorted with cafes and other options.

  1. Nowton Park – Bury St Edmunds

Just south of what is proclaimed to be the ‘Jewel in the crown of Suffolk’ – which is a great way to describe Bury St Edmunds, – is Nowton Park. With 200 acres of scenic Suffolk landscape, and a range of horticulture from around the world, with picturesque areas of the park, and much more. For example, in the park area, a stylised oak tree maze is there for you to explore. With dogs absolutely allowed here, it’s a must-go in the summer for everyone to explore.

  1. Rendlesham 

The site of an infamous UFO sighting, Rendlesham has plenty to offer to everyone, whether or not they’re fans of little green men. Situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Rendlesham Forest can be explored by foot or by bike, and possesses large green areas populated by intriguing sculptures, making it a fantastic place to enjoy a day out in Suffolk. The former home of countless esteemed Suffolkians, Rendlesham has a handful of nearby pubs to enjoy some refreshment following exploration.

  1. Abbey Gardens – Bury St Edmunds

Although it does cover a much smaller area, the Abbey Gardens could possibly hold one of the most tranquil, picturesque environments throughout the entirety of Suffolk, with a lovely view spreading across the magnificent Bury St Edmunds cathedral. Abbey Gardens are the perfect place for a peaceful picnic in the park, with a perfect picture and the ruins to meander around, the Abbey Gardens are a great place to rewind and step back from the bustling streets of Bury St Edmunds. It is a great place to go to, with coffee shops galore around the area, to then take back for your picnic!

Altogether, Suffolk is replete with quiet and beautiful areas that are all easily accessible from our Barns and Barges for rent. We recognise that when you visit the countryside, you probably want to get out and enjoy as many of the benefits of being out in the country,  so we’re very pleased that it’s nice and easy to do that from our accommodation!