5 of the Best Dog Walks in Suffolk

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

When it comes to taking a holiday at one of our barns or on board one of our barges, one of the best things you can do is bring along your furry best friend.

Totally dog-friendly, our holiday accommodation in Suffolk makes it easy for you to bring the whole family with you to explore the many beautiful walks around the county.

Whilst you’ll no doubt be looking forward to settling into the hot tub and enjoying a bottle of something special, your pooch will be keen to stretch their four legs whilst on holiday

With this in mind, we’ve gathered together five of the best dog walks to take in Suffolk.

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1: The Clare Trail

A circular walk which takes you from Clare to Cavendish and back again, the Clare Trail is just over seven miles long and is full of memorable sights. Beginning in the once Medieval wool town of Clare, the trail takes dog walkers through a collection of picturesque villages in the Stour Valley that are full of charming and dog friendly pubs to pop into for a light refreshment.

With many sections of the trail being made up of wide open countryside, your dog will have the opportunity to have a proper run around without being kept on their lead. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that there are some nearby fields with livestock in which will appreciate any dogs being kept on their leads.

Other parts of the trail are made up of paths, gentle slopes and even ground, making it a walk that’s suitable for even the most casual of walkers.

Located an hour from our barns, the starting point at Clare Castle Country Park is easily accessible and the trail promises to provide a beautiful insight into everything that makes Suffolk so special.

2: Thetford Forest Trails

The largest lowland pine forest in Britain and brimming with countless miles of walking trails, Thetford Forest is undoubtedly one of the best places to take your dog when holidaying in Suffolk. 

With themed routes made up of varying degrees of difficulty, it’s easy to pick and choose the trail which is best for you. In the mind for a bit of wildlife spotting? The mile long “Nature Trail” will take you to a suitably discreet spot to spy on the many inhabitants of the forest. 

Fancy travelling back in time? The two mile “Heritage Trail” will take you through an easy route full of informative panels that reveal the history of a landscape that’s over four thousand years old.

Besides these two distinctly themed trails, there’s various other signposted walks to take when exploring the area. Straddling Suffolk and Norfolk, Thetford Forest is only a forty five minute drive from our barns and its various facilities make it well worth setting aside a day to enjoy.

3: Knettishall Heath

Located an hours drive from our barges for rent, Knettishall Heath is one of very few dog-friendly nature reserves in Suffolk. Composed of more than 176 hectares of heathland and woodland, this sprawling nature reserve is home to various rare species of animals. 

You might, for example, stumble upon a Bagot goat when following one of the walking routes. These billy goats were brought to the heath especially to protect them for extinction and are always pleased to seize a photo opportunity. You might also chance across an adorable Exmoor pony whilst trekking around the various trails. Whatever you encounter, you and your pooch are sure to have a great time when out and about in this part of Suffolk.   

No doubt best visited during the weekend when the ice cream van pays the heath a visit, Knettishal Heath is a bit of a walker’s paradise.

4: Dunwich

Occasionally cited as “the lost city of England”, Dunwich dates back to 629AD when it was established by Sigeberght of East Anglia, a saint and one time king of East Anglia. Flourishing for many years as a port town, Dunwich was eventually washed out to sea (quite literally) by a couple of floods and a fierce storm. 
Whilst it might have once been the capital of “the kingdom of Eastern Angles”, Dunwich is now a picturesque seaside village with a healthy reputation among Suffolk dog walkers. Suitably secluded, the beach is perfect for a leisurely stroll and there’s even a dog-friendly tea room for you and your best friend to enjoy a spot of light refreshment.

Accessible inside of forty five minutes when driving from our barns, you really can’t go wrong with a day at Dunwich.

5: Orford Pub Trail

Suffolk is home to some beautifully brewed beers, so it’s no wonder that there are a few walking trails which celebrate this export and the pubs which serve it up. Designed in collaboration with master brewers Admans, the “Orford heritage and pub trail” is one of these walks that takes you and your four legged friend around the historic town of Orford to learn more about its history…and its pubs.

This fantastic trail will take you through an area of outstanding beauty as well as two dog-friendly pubs that it would be rude to pass up when passing by!  

Set to hit the trail?  

If you’re feeling ready to grab the dog to set out on any or all of these walks, simply get in touch with us today to book yourself a dog friendly cottage or barge in Suffolk. The perfect base for a dog-friendly holiday, we’ll be pleased to suggest plenty of other canine-friendly places to visit, too!