Where to see the autumn red deer rut

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

If you’re a fan of nature and wildlife, you’ll love seeing the red deer rut – the amazing autumn spectacle that takes place right here in Suffolk!

What is the red deer rut?

The red deer rut takes place when red deer are getting ready to mate. The males of the herds will battle it out – first with roars, and then with their antlers – to see who becomes the dominant deer.

Where can you see the red deer rut?

Suffolk has one of the highest populations of red deer outside Scotland, so you’re very likely to see the red deer rut here in autumn! RSPB Minsmere is the best location for spotting red deer, and it has now reopened after COVID-19 lockdown measures, so make sure to put a day aside to visit!

If you’re really smart, you’ll stay with us at Woodfarm Barns, or at one of our Suffolk Holiday Barges. We’re not very far from RSPB Minsmere (our Onderneming Barge at Snape Maltings is just a 25-minute drive away).

Find out even more info about the red deer rut on our Woodfarm Barges website here.