Out & about in Suffolk: A few of my favourite things

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

No, nothing to do with raindrops appearing on roses, or even the whiskers on cute kittens, but this is a bunch of our favourite things to do or visit when on holiday in Suffolk.

We are often asked to recommend pubs, walks, beaches, places for afternoon tea etc, so we’ve pulled a whole load of our favourites together into one place. Effectively this page will give you enough to keep you occupied for your whole stay, whether it’s on one of our Barges, or in our Barns or Cottages.

Some of the things listed are nearer to one or the other, but as we have a little 30 minute ‘Bermuda triangle’ of amazing places to visit between the Barns and both Barges, plus you’re on holiday in Suffolk, then they are all doable wherever you are.

Simply scroll down to find what you’re looking for;