The Hog & Hen Farm Shop

The Hog & Hen Farm Shop

A great new local business has opened up near Woodfarm Barns, called The Hog & Hen Farm Shop, supplying tons of fab Suffolk produce!

The Hog & Hen Farm Shop teamWe’ve been waiting for this farm shop for some time as it’s actually the expansion of Mill Green Farm eggs, who have been supplying our farmhouse and barns guests with their lovely eggs for some time now. And on the 23rd March 2018, they opened their doors to their brand new farm shop, which is awesome!

Just a couple of miles away from Woodfarm HQ, this fabulous farm shop is yet another brilliant landmark to provide our guests, other visitors to Suffolk (hard to believe they don’t all stay here I know!) and most importantly, the local community. It’s so nice that we are all able to tap into proper produce more and more these days, without having to rely on the supermarkets.

Farm Shop eggs from the Hog & HenWe are blessed to have a number of farm shop options but the Hog & Hen is now our closest and Nathan, Luke and the team have done an amazing job in setting it up. There is a superb mix of local produce, as well as really interesting food and drink from further afield too.

Much of the meat is very local and certainly the ‘Hen’ side of the farm shop couldn’t be any more local as the chicken are all free range, corn fed and raised right there on the farm so they come a maximum of 150 metres to the shop!

Farm Shop fruit and vegThey stock meat from our friends Palfrey & Hall who supply our lovely bacon, as well as a number of other Suffolk suppliers too. The Suffolk Pate company feature in the farm shop too, as does the Bakehouse in Woodbridge.

There are also local fruit and vegetables, cheeses, chutneys, sauces etc, as well as some local pottery and gifts.

The decor in the farm shop is just brilliant, with most of the work having been carried by the guys and it really has a very cosy, rustic feel to it. At the time of writing the farm shop is just opening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but hopefully they’ll take off very deservedly and be able to open more. We wish them all the very best of luck

Great Farm Shop goodiesYou can see their Facebook page here

Or better still head down to see them and grab yourselves some lovely local treats.

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