Holiday Postcards from Suffolk – with stamps!

suffolk holiday postcards postbox

Last Updated on August 10, 2022

Holiday Postcards are part of our heritage. They are as quintessentially English as it gets. We’ve had them here for years for our guests to send. And now we’ve decided to go the extra mile and put stamps on for you!

Holiday Postcard Postbox

Yes of course we live in different times now. We all post our holiday pics on Facechat, Instabook, Snapper and what have you.

But how about grabbing a postcard or three and making someone smile when one lands on their doormat? We designed our own postcards years ago and our guests have been sending them to their friends and family since that time.

We’ve built our reputation on ‘the little things’, ‘the extra touches’, and ‘going the extra mile’. It really doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference. So now we’ve decided to even give you a few with First Class stamps on!

And on top of this, at Woodfarm Barns we even have a postbox on the bike shed now, especially for your postcards!

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Wish you were here?