The house in Tuscany

Our Holiday Cottage in Tuscany has yet to be renovated at the time of launching the website. Read on for more info anyway as it’s very exciting.

Holiday Cottage in Tuscany

I viewed a lot of houses in the area and then ended up buying the first one I’d seen! I fell in love with the views and so will you. The house itself requires a complete renovation, but then I’m used to that; it’s what we did with Woodfarm House, Barns and Barges. The views however, are simply unforgettable!

For this reason I’m showing you very little, particularly of the inside as frankly it is horrible at the moment. It’s a veritable symphony of lime green and pink paint! I might show you the bathroom though as the tiles are beyond my wildest nightmares!

We are going to make the house beautiful and we’ll keep you posted on progress. Imagine the same quality we’re known for in Suffolk, and with all the same touches. But in Italy! Our Holiday Cottage in Tuscany will undoubtedly have some quintessentially English influences, and again, will have every modern comfort you could wish for. Just in a gorgeous old country house in Italy!

Tuscany views
This is the view from the lounge and bathroom!

Your Holiday Cottage in Tuscany is all about the incredible views, a cosy place to stay with everything you’d expect from us, in a location giving you access to some of the most popular parts of Tuscany and indeed Italy. You can always do a twin centre with us and somewhere else?

Ignore the ugly bits on the right for now as this will all change.

Holiday Cottage in Tuscany elevation

We’ll give you a very brief description as we haven’t yet renovated. We know how it will look but you’ll have to bear with us until it’s done! It will have a nice blend of traditional Tuscan furnishings and fittings, mixed with some touches of Woodfarm and Suffolk to give it that home from home feel and a taste of England.

From the balcony, you’ll enter into a fully fitted kitchen, which will have everything you need. This then leads to the dining room, with stunning views to the South, including a beautiful Church in the distance.

A hallway then leads to through the rest of the house, with the bedroom first, which has the same view as the dining room. Then the lounge has views to the West, as does the bathroom.

Outside you’ll step straight onto your terrace, where you can enjoy your morning coffee, or watch the sun slide away behind the hills beyond. It’ll be made for eating and drinking and soaking up the sun and the view. This is shot from the dining room and will overlook the terrace.

Tuscany village valley viewTo go with those views we are building the garden terrace, with comfy seating, pizza and bread oven, and a great BBQ. So if you fancy the idea of sitting back and relaxing with the warm Tuscan air wrapped around you as you sip a nice glass of local wine, waiting for your handmade pizza or locally sourced BBQ produce to finish baking, then you’d better get your diaries out. There’ll even be a proper pasta maker in the kitchen, along with local flour and eggs so you can really get into the spirit!

We have no idea when we can start taking bookings as we will be at the mercy of the Italian tradesmen and regulations, but rest assured we’ll keep you posted. At the time of writing in Feb 2019, I would hope we could take our first guests this Summer/ Autumn. Let’s see!