The Sky’s the limit @ Woodfarm!

Bird gliding through the sky

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Ever fancied having a go at Gliding?

We’ve teamed up with Rattlesden Gliding Club to offer our guests an exclusive short-term membership!


For breath-taking views of Suffolk as experienced only by the birds, why not combine a break here at Woodfarm Barns with the tranquility and silence of a glider flight?

To see the earth from a different perspective, as we know from taking off and landing during our holidays, is an eye-opener. But to do this at a more peaceful and elegant pace is a real experience

Rattlesden have offered our guests a winch launch package with two flights and then the chance to come back within 12 months to have another go at membership rates. All this for just £50 per person

For legal reasons you have to be a member to fly so the offer is for temporary membership. To return as a member a winch launch costs just £7.95 for 10 minutes

Their usual deal is for 3 months temporary membership. However, because our guests are more likely to return outside of 3 months the offer is for 3 month membership to be used within a 12 month period

PLEASE NOTE; For obvious reasons there are height and weight restrictions, which are 6ft 3in & 16.5 stone

Have a look at the winch launch on their website here and then click through to book it. Simples! Do let the club know when you speak to them that you are a Woodfarm Barns guest so you get the deferred membership offer

Rattlesden Gliding Club Ltd
Rattlesden Airfield
Nr Bury St Edmunds
IP30 0SX

Phone: 01449 737789