Cottages with Hot Tubs

Cottages with hot tubs

The demand for dog-friendly, luxury holiday cottages with hot tubs is ever increasing…

…And we are delighted that we can meet this demand with SEVEN of our luxurious, dog friendly, Holiday Cottages & Barns with Private Hot Tubs. Woodfarm Barns is the answer to every dog owner’s holiday needs – just look at how many five-star reviews we’ve received on TripAdvisor and Facebook.

Cottage hot tub at dusk
The Private Hot Tub at Gipping Barn

Luxury cottage hot tubs

After installing the first luxurious hot tub in Deben Barn in May 2015, we saw back-to-back bookings. Soon after that, we decided to install another one in Orwell Barn, but before it arrived, we changed the order to two, putting one in Gipping Barn! In the spring of 2017, we thought, “what the heck” and added two more for Alde & Stour Barns, and when we added two ‘new’ Cottages in Woodfarm House & Meadow View Cottage, we added two more!

Today, our hot tubs are still a hit. However, this does mean that we have to advise guests to book well in advance, particularly for a weekend break. Take a look at our availability and bookings page here.

One of our lodges with hot tubs
The Private Hot Tub at Alde Barn
Five Barns and two Cottages with Hot Tubs to Choose from

Just click on each one to see which you like the look of best

Alde Barn

Deben Barn

Gipping Barn

Orwell Barn

Stour Barn

Woodfarm House

Meadow View Cottage

Stour Barn cottage hot tub
The Private Hot Tub at Stour Barn

All of our Private Hot Tubs are four or five-person Tubs, even though the Barns all sleep two guests. This is because we wanted you to enjoy the ultimate luxurious experience.

Relaxing garden room at a cottage
The Private Hot Tub at Orwell Barn

They all have covered ‘Garden Rooms’ except Deben Barn’s Hot Tub, which is outside on the patio under the stars.

Lodges with Hot Tubs

Here at Woodfarm Barns, we know that a little bit of luxury goes a long way when you’re booking a short break away In the country. In short, we know that a home away from home in the heart of Suffolk is a great thing, but that it’s even greater when it’s a lodge with a hot tub.

We’ve developed our Barn business since 2009. We think of them as Suffolk Barns but know that it’s the type of accommodation people look for when they think of ‘Lodges’. Lots of people search online for ‘Lodges’ and In fact, many of our guests refer to them as ‘Lodges’, so I guess it’s just a language thing. Potato, potato, tomato, tomato.

Woodfarm Barns is located south of the small village of Stonham Aspal, which means that we’re in a pretty ideal part of Suffolk. The county town of Ipswich is a twenty-minute drive away and pretty much all of the best beach towns and villages in Suffolk are accessible within a forty-minute drive. Everywhere else in Suffolk only takes around an hour to reach. Altogether, Woodfarm Barns provides fantastic access to Suffolk and our lodges with hot tubs serve as the ideal base to return to.

At Woodfarm Barns, we have Six Barns, a Farmhouse and a Cottage to choose from, all except one include hot tubs. So, what makes our Barns and their hot tubs so special?

Most obviously, lodges with hot tubs provide an undeniable luxury. At Woodfarm Barns, we are nestled in a cosy wooded area in a stunning part of Suffolk, which means the views they offer are also more than a little picturesque, too.

Having a lodge with a hot tub also makes it far easier to relax at the end of the day. And whether you’re visiting in the summer or winter, the scenery on offer is sure to provide the ideal surroundings for that late-night tipple.

To provide even more insight into how seriously we take relaxation, we thought it would be an idea to provide an overview of our lodges with hot tubs so that you know exactly what to expect when booking. Do note that each property is fully equipped and furnished with everything that two of you will need for a holiday or short break. For fuller descriptions, take a look at each Cottage page. In addition to these descriptions, we’ve also gathered a selection of everything you need to know about the benefits of taking a soak in a hot tub.

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