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What’s on in Summer This Suffolk?

From concerts to antiques fairs and beer festivals, there’s plenty to get excited about in Suffolk this summer. To make it even easier to enjoy the very best that the county has to offer when staying at one of our Barns and Barges for rent, we’ve rounded up a list of five of the best things to do when visiting us this summer.

  1. Southwold Summer Antiques Fair: August 25th, 26th, 27th

Hosted at St Felix School in Southwold, the Southwold Summer Antiques Fair is run by leading antique experts and organisers, Lomax. Recognised as a trusted name in the antiques industry, the events run by Lomax bring together a variety of exceptional dealers specialising in a range of items. From country furniture to English silver, art and jewellery, the event promises to be a fantastic attraction for collectors and casual shoppers alike.

  1. Check Out the Grooves: Summer Soul Vibes: July 8th

Bringing together everything that’s great about summer, this one day music festival will feature a strong lineup of soul musicians and a vast array of food and drink vendors. Taking place in July, Check Out the Grooves: Summer Soul Vibes is headlined by notable DJ and ex-Red Dwarfer Craig Charles. With a dedicated gin and prosecco bar to keep thirstiness at bay, the event  promises to make for a great day out in the sun. 

  1. Open Air Cinema, 17th August – 19th August

Taking place over a weekend in August, the Open Air Cinema and Picnic in Bury St Edmunds is held in the historic grounds of the Abbey Gardens. This year, the event is showing 80’s classic Top Gun followed by a performance by local act Avi80rs. Complete with food vendors and a fully stocked bar, this is a night out in Bury St Edmunds that’s not to be missed this summer!

  1. Woodbridge Festival of Art and Music, 2nd September

It would be remiss of us to feature a list of things to do in Summer and to neglect the local Woodbridge Festival of Art and Music. Featuring a host of homegrown talent, the festival boasts music, food, drink and even a dedicated wellness session to ensure that everyone is able to properly enjoy the sunshine in Suffolk this summer. Alternative and sustainable, this is certainly an event that art and music lovers will not want to miss.

  1. The Upbeat Beatles, 1st July

If there’s one thing better than a summer’s day on the beach, it’s a summer’s day on the beach with the sounds of the Beatles. With the Upbeat Beatles, you’ll be able to easily experience the sounds of the Fab Four in Felixstowe. A highly regarded tribute act to the iconic band, there’s no better reason to get out to the beach in Suffolk this summer.

To enjoy any or all of these things to do in Suffolk this summer, simply take a look at our current availability and book your Barn or Barge for rent to ensure that you can do it in style.

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Woodfarm Barns and Barges and Chocolate

The one thing better than a holiday in Suffolk? A holiday in Suffolk that comes with a box of chocolates on arrival, obviously. Why it took us this long to figure this out and make it easy for guests to order themselves a box before joining us is anyone’s guess! 

The chocolate boxes we’re making available to order aren’t just any regular chocolate, mind you. No, the chocolate boxes that we’ve made available for guests to order in advance of their stay are from Harris and James, passionate local chocolatiers who put some serious thought into their craft and products.

Sourcing their beans directly from farms and cooperatives around the world, Harris and Hames have a firm emphasis on quality that ensures that their boxes are every bit as delicious as they are unique. With stores in Aldeburgh and Southwold – two destinations that we thoroughly recommend all of our guests visit during their stay, incidentally – it’s also possible to pick up a variety of hand selected chocolate boxes to bring back as gifts from their stay in Suffolk.
Specialising in old favourites as well as chocolates infused with gin, the variety of treats on offer make sure that everyone is able to find something to their tastes. It’s not just luxury boxes that are up for grabs, either. From shortbread to chocolate bars and cake, it’s a total cakewalk to find something for you or your loved ones. As if all of this wasn’t enough, Harris and Hames also brew up exceptionally tasty cups of freshly roasted coffee in their stores. In short, it’s well worth visiting if you find yourself in the area!

To book your stay at one of our barns and barges for rent in Suffolk – complete with a delicious box of salted caramels on arrival – simply take a look at our availability, browse the Harris and Hames website, and give us a call to let us know which box of chocolates you’d like to be waiting for you.

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Woodfarm Barns and Barges Dog Hall of Fame

As a proud provider of dog friendly holidays in Suffolk, it is no surprise that we’re huge fans of our four legged friends. Like, really big fans. So much so that we recently requested followers of our Facebook page to submit their favourite photo of their best friend. The idea was that we would then hand select our own favourites to live in the dog hall of fame you see here.

There was a problem, however – it turns out that picking your favourite dog photo is very much like being asked to pick your favourite child.

With this in mind, we thought there was no better solution than to present to you with all submissions. 

In no particular order.

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Win Suffolk Cheeses every month for a year for our 14th Birthday!

Yes, you read that correctly. How d’ya fancy winning the competition that keeps on giving? Yup, a prize of some cheese from Suffolk (and some a little beyond, to be honest), every single month for the next 12 months to celebrate our Birthday!

Some of you may be getting a sense of Déjà vu here. That’s because we did this for our 12th Birthday! We’ve decided to do it all again for two reasons;

1 – It was one of the most popular competitions we have ever run, so why not do it again?

2 – Our dear friends at Earsham Street Deli now have not one, but two delis!

And 12 months plus 2 delis is 14, right? Ok, a bit tenuous, but do you care? You might be winning a whole year’s worth of cheese!!!

Just a little heads up, you will need to give us permission to contact you otherwise we can’t tell you if you win. Details further down..

It’s now 14 years since Woodfarm fell out of my little brain and into the Suffolk countryside, and then to the rivers, and then Tuscany, which we hope is coming very soon at long last!

So we figured we need to celebrate big time!

You may think we’ve gone crackers, and we have, as that’s exactly what you will win. Ok, we’ll send you some cheese and stuff too, courtesy of the cheese and crackers experts at Earsham Street Deli. Each month they will select the very best of what’s good right then, from Suffolk Gold made just a few miles from Woodfarm HQ, to Baron Bigod made in Bungay, and a number of other Suffolk Cheeses as well, with one or two from that there Norfolkshire. 

There’ll also be some amazing artisan cheeses made further afield too; and of course there’ll be perfectly paired accompaniments and occasionally a delicious chocolatey treat too!

The marketing overlords at Team Woodfarm (Carl and Andrew) sat scratching their wise heads and wondered what we could do to celebrate being here for 14 years. We Googled what was synonymous with the number 14 and very little was! Nothing interesting anyway!

We then did some blue-sky thinking and pondering outside the envelope (2 points in office bingo!) and we came up with nothing. When we ran it up the flagpole (another point!) we remembered that we did a brilliant competition with our friends at the deli for our 12th birthday and that was hugely popular, so…

We decided to do it again! More out of genius than laziness we would say!

Two years ago the Queens of cheese at Earsham Street Deli came up with the idea of selecting cheeses of the month for us, every month for a year, to send to one lucky WINNER! That winner was a lady called Liesel, and she loved her prize!

See what happens when you get experts involved?! 

There are some great Suffolk Cheeses to choose from, as well as many other local-ish ones too.

So the prize on offer is a monthly arrival to one lucky WINNER of some wonderful cheese, selected for you, along with some crackers, chutney etc, and as we said, the odd additional extra tasty treat too, depending on the season and the mood! 

This is the prize to give you a real feel for some fine cheeses, many of which will be local, but all made with love! Just a little reminder, you will need to give us permission to contact you otherwise we can’t tell you if you win. Details below.

We have some fabulous cheeses made in the area, from Baron Bigod, to Suffolk Gold and Suffolk Blue. There are also some amazing examples just over the border in Norfolk too, so you’ll be sure to be winning one or two of those as well! Fun fact: the family behind the awesome Baron Bigod (a Suffolk Brie) were on my delivery rounds when I did my deliveries for the deli during lockdown 1.0!

Ok, so how do you get your chance to WIN?



3 – FILL THE FORM BELOW WITH A VERY SIMPLE QUESTION! (You will need to give us permission to contact you if you win!)

Please note that once you have submitted your entry, your screen will just look blank. It isn’t though, just scroll back up and you will see a confirmation message.

If you do NOT consent to being contacted by Woodfarm Barns and Barges we will be unable to enter you into this competition, as we would be unable to contact you if you were to win. Your name and email address is stored securely. We will NEVER share your name and email address with any third parties. You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time by either clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link on the emails or by contacting us directly.

Even though we’ve said this, around 5% of you will still tick ‘No’ to being contacted as we have become a suspicious society assuming everyone is out to get you. We’re not, we just want to give you some cheese, which you will never, ever, ever get if you tick NO. And STILL loads of you will tick no. I just palmed my face in desperation for the future of the human race. Seriously I did!


I’m a vegan too. Life isn’t fair sometimes. Please don’t have a go at me though. It is a FREE competition and just not for you. 

Look for more free stuff that you can have. We may give away some tofu one day, and you can be part of the fun. Although tofu is never fun.

Terms & Conditions
The prize for this Competition is for a monthly selection of cheeses, crackers and other things as alluded to above. We will need to be able to send your prize to an address where it can be signed for as it’ll be cheese. Cheese will get very stinky if it’s left on your front doorstep all day.

Please note that we cannot announce the winner first on Social Media, it has to be by email. If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours of notifying you that you have won, we will pick another correct entrant and so on until someone responds. 

By entering you do consent to us announcing your name on Social Media once you have accepted your prize. We won’t divulge any personal info of course, it’ll just be your name. We’d obviously really appreciate it if you could then shout it from the rooftops though!

We will run this competition for a month or so and pick the winner using a random number generator on Google. This will be done around the end of June 2023. We’ll email every entrant at that time, win or lose to let you know who won. There is no cash alternative.

Victor Meldrew clause; If all that doesn’t suit you or you are of the opinion that “no-one ever wins these” then feel free to not enter and gaze at your navel instead. We have given away so many prizes over the years to some very happy people, but you’ll never be one of them if you bumble through life with Meldrew shaped chips on your shoulders, saying “I don’t believe it”.

GDPR gubbins…

The whole GDPR thing was cooked up by a woefully inadequate government and was supposed to protect us all from scammers. It didn’t work. Scammers will still scam people. But we are not them. We are not out to get you. We are trying to have fun and give things away occasionally as it helps to promote our business, that’s all. Pinky swear.

We absolutely never share your info and we retain it purely and simply so we can keep you informed. Informed of our regular Competitions like this one, Exclusive VIP Offers, Cancellations, Events, Places of Interest to you, and News from around the beautiful county of Suffolk. It is called Marketing. We keep you informed of this good stuff so that you may consider us when making your holiday and short break decisions.

If you do not wish to hear about the things mentioned you can opt out now by not entering this at all and just making a cup of tea instead, or at any time simply by unsubscribing. 

We do not bombard you. This is just a small, independent business, enjoying life, and working hard to promote escapes from the norm in Suffolk; that’s it. We’re really not out to hoodwink anyone!

We would love to stay in touch with you but it is your choice. We have built our database in a very professional and responsible way and continually given you the opportunity to not hear from us again. If you choose to ‘leave’ us then we wish you all the best for the future and hope you have enjoyed reading what we have had to say in the past.

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Consumer confidence looking good

I’m gonna be all serious and business like today. Worth a read though if you want to put a smile on your chops

As I write this, the other day I posted a video on Facebook of Donald Trump’s hair in my Garden, and today I’m discussing positive consumer confidence. It’s just the way I roll. I’m like a bag of revels. Put your hand in, you never know what you’re gonna pull out! 🤷😲😂

Anyway, serious business head on. Sorry if that’s boring, but I find it interesting and very encouraging, and you might too…

I read a very interesting article in The Times this week about positive consumer optimism despite the cost of living crisis

Consumers are becoming more likely to spend on big-ticket items, which is great news for The Wonderful World of Woodfarm obviously. Don’t get me wrong, we are nice and busy, and holding our own. But what I think we all need as a nation is a good injection of consumer confidence to turn things around and turn those frowns upside down. It’s my belief that that is up to us lot, as the powers that be aren’t really doing a very good job are they?

“Despite soaring inflation, according to a closely watched survey, confidence rose, with an improvement in all areas measured in the index by GfK, the market intelligence company. The biggest jump was in expectations for personal finances over the coming year, which rose by eight points. People said they were more likely than in previous months to spend on big-ticket items such as furniture or electrical goods, with the big purchase index at its highest level in a year” Definitely all good news as far as I can see!

When compared with say the weekly shop, a Woodfarm Barns or Barges break is what one might deem a big ticket item. The really interesting thing about all this for me is that years ago, whilst I was setting up and planning all things Woodfarm, I commissioned East of England Tourism to carry out a business case study on my planned new enterprise.

One of the most important takeaways from this for me was that as a nation, we would rather have a holiday than a pay-rise. Why? Because it makes us feel good, that’s why! It’s not rocket science! I’ve never forgotten this, and it all dovetails nicely in with this research.

The client strategy director at GfK, Joe Staton said that consumers may have built price rises into their expectations and now felt “more stoic and less desperate because maybe things aren’t as bad as they could be”.

Also in the article, the UK head of consumer markets, retail and leisure for KPMG, Linda Ellett, said: “Consumer confidence continues to climb but still has an upward path ahead to recovery. Appetite for major purchase spending does still exist among two thirds of consumers with savings, but unlocking that spend will be dependent on whether and when essential costs stabilise or fall.”

So all in all, I think that’s some pretty good vibrations coming from the people in the know! As I say, we are busy, but I just get the feeling we all want the future to look a little brighter as 2023 progresses.

Interestingly I think this mood ties in with another piece I wrote about consumer confidence recently on our Blog Pages so do take a look at that if you’re in the mood. This serious stuff does tend to appear on our Blogs.

Featured image by Artem Beliaikin

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Holiday Cottage in Tuscany update April 2023

For years I dreamt of owning a little Holiday Cottage in Tuscany and in 2019 that finally came true. And then along came a global pandemic. Three long years after I was there in February 2020, I finally got to go back. And wow, it is still as incredible as I remember it! So I’m going to attempt to share it with you how it’s taking shape…

Yes, just one pandemic later and I finally got over to see Woodfarm Tuscany after all this time. The idea was that I finally jump on a plane, and head over to check on the work to the house. In the lead up to the pandemic hitting, and whilst out of lockdown is over there, the builders have done all the work that I asked for.

Whilst these photos are still very basic, as the place is completely unfurnished, and not quite finished, hopefully you will get the idea. There are some panoramic shots, which does have the effect of making the walls look curved, but I can assure you they are not.

What I am attempting to do on here is to demonstrate to you how the house will look. I have uploaded loads of photos, and I’ll try to use them to give you a sort of virtual tour.

There is also a video on here in which I tour the house, so hopefully you can start to get an eye idea of how it is beginning to look.

As I write this on Easter weekend in 2023 I hope to be going over sometime in May with my builder mate Darren, to equip and fit a kitchen, as well as take all the furniture and furnishings that I have been building up over the last few years and storing in Suffolk.

What I’m going to do is to make Woodfarm Tuscany feel like Woodfarm Suffolk, but with a Tuscan twist. And those views. Oh my god, those views!

Features you’ll enjoy;

  • Huge, East & South facing terrace with Pizza oven and BBQ
  • Fully equipped kitchen with valley views
  • Dining room with open fire and views over the valley
  • Double East facing bedroom with valley views
  • Lounge with two South facing windows looking across the valley towards Lucca
  • Wet room with roll top, ball & claw footed bath overlooking the valley
  • Loo with a view!
  • Air conditioning in every room
  • Shutters on all windows
  • 45 minutes from Pisa airport
  • 20 minutes from the stunning medieval city of Lucca

As it stands I’m the only one that really knows all of the contents of the lock up, and how the house feels. What I can tell you is that it’s going to be amazing! Anyway here you go…

First things first, We are in a tiny hamlet called Piazza Di Brancoli, and this is a pic of the entire hamlet! Trebbio, our little Tuscan hideaway, is the white one with a yellow house tucked beyond it.

As you approach the house on foot, this is the view that greets you. We are the white one to the left, and there’s that neighbouring house to the right.

All with commanding views over the valley!

The house kinda looks like a bungalow as you approach, as the accommodation is all on the top floor of three. The other floors are lower down the hillside. We may make these habitable in the future.

The first thing you’ll smell is this fragrant rosemary bush…

This is a panorama, which does distort the terrace, but you can see how breathtaking these views are!

Ok, we venture inside. This is the kitchen. Please ignore the dangling wires in every room, I’ve not had any light fittings installed yet. The opening at the far end is the dining room.

Panorama showing the end of the kitchen. The door and window overlook the terrace and the East. The terrace is bathed in the sun as soon as it comes up, and all day. it drops behind the house late in the afternoon, and we will have another, smaller patio on the West side of the house, so you can chase it round for the evening sun!

Then you walk through from the kitchen to the dining room. The table will sit in the window, again looking to the East. Traditional Tuscan fireplace on the left. You will also notice the air-con unit in this photo, which is heating as well for the colder months.

From the dining room, there’s a corridor leading to the bedroom (that doorway to the left), and then it opens up in the lounge at the end.

This is the bedroom. Views to the East again, so it’s sunny in the morning and all day. You’ll notice that all the windows have internal shutters, which do keep the house cool in the hot weather if you want to close them.

This is the lounge. Two South facing windows with commanding views down the valley towards Lucca. It’ll have a big, four seater leather sofa, Smart TV etc.

Panorama of the lounge looking towards the bathroom. That window frame is the old bathroom window!

And last, but by no means least, here’s the bathroom. As you can see, it is a wet room, with a roll top, ball & claw footed bath. I had a new window put in, and had it lowered so you could get more of that incredible view! You can take a shower, have a bath, brush your teeth, or even sit on the loo, with the most beautiful view to the South, down the side of the valley towards Lucca.

This is the view from the loo! I was only sitting on it to take the pic. I did have my jeans on!

And this is what it looks like when the sun goes down…

What I figured I’d do now is to show you the floor plans, so you can get more of a feel for how it all knits together…

So, videos. Pleeeeeease be aware that these are NOT professional vids, they are just shot (badly) with my battered iPhone. But you will hopefully get the idea.. Here’s the outside…

And here’s the inside…

Trebbio, Via Ombreglio, Piazza Di Brancoli, Lucca, Toscana

We will be aiming to offer 3 night weekends from a Friday, 4 night midweeks from a Monday, and full weeks from a Monday or Friday. We haven’t finalised pricing etc just yet, and I don’t yet know when we will be open for bookings. I will tell you though!

Want to make sure you are amongst the first to know the minute we release our availability calendar? Just make sure you are signed up to our VIP Tuscany list. We don’t share your details, or sell it or anything. We work way too hard to do dodgy stuff like that, I promise!

VIP Tuscany signup button

Make sure you have a good look around the rest of the Tuscany section of the website HERE, and rest assured we will be putting together all the info you could possibly need to enjoy a break in Tuscany.

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Ditch the discounts. There are other ways to drive online sales

holiday cottage five star reviews

That is the title of a recent article by Pablo Pérez in some very interesting research carried out by a little firm called Google. We, the Woodfarm digital marketing team, were delighted to read this as it very much mirrors our approach and M.O (modus operandi or method of operating)

The research from Google resoundingly said: Ditch the discounts. There are other ways to drive online sales. In this article we look at;

  • Social Proof
  • Authority Bias
  • Giving You Extra.

Google’s Pablo Pérez is a leading researcher covering the retail industry with 15-years of experience. He is market insights manager at Google, where he leads retail research for EMEA. In the last few years, he has been researching retailing using a combination of Google’s data, industry knowledge and deep human understanding. In other words, he’s a bit cleverer than Carl and Andrew. Hard to believe, but there ya go!

Pérez said that he took up running after turning 40. His search for the ideal shoes started with a Google search, like most of us. He came across so many options that he started to think more about what influenced people’s decisions. he said that he usually looks at factors such as availability, price, store reviews, and delivery speed. Obviously we’re not a product retailer, but this started our little brain cogs turning too.

What he found during some recent retail research, with 1000 participants, was that it simulated 120,000 shopping scenarios!. His research showed that consumers can be rather focused on buying something specific, however, they can be open to chopping and changing from one retailer to another before finally buying.

His research highlighted that discounts are good, but retailers can do so much more. This has always been our philosophy. We have been doing this for 14 years now, and have always tried to add more value, than to be seen as cheap.

Competitive Industry
Our industry is incredibly competitive, which is why we work our socks off to be the best we can possibly be, build our reputation, and to be as prominent and relevant on the internet as we can. Our level of repeat business grows year on year, currently topping 30% so far in 2023. That is crucial to us. We value our guests and do our best to make sure they know that. But we must keep working hard to attract new guests.

What we have found for years is that many people in our industry are pretty obsessed with being seen as the cheapest in order to combat things like high inflation, cost of living issues etc. This practice has always made us squirm as we just don’t want to be perceived as ‘cheap’. As the word ‘nasty’ often follows. Don’t get me wrong, we are continually seeking to give value for money, and we monitor our prices, booking levels etc, but it goes deeper than that. Yes of course we have the usual last minute deals if we have late availability, but we really try not to shout about it as our main thing to attract guests. We include any in our weekly newsletter roundup, but only because our own research showed us that many people want to hear about it!

Suffolk Holiday Cottage business with 600 Five Star ReviewsFree Break giveaway to show our thanks

800 Five Star Reviews
At the time of writing this in April 2023, we have somewhere around 800 Five Star reviews on Tripadvisor, Facebook and Google. We have worked for years to get those, because we think that is a way more powerful tool than slashing prices and shouting about huge discounts. And Pablo Pérez agrees;

He says that his “behavioural science research into people’s purchasing decisions has shown that retailers can effectively attract customer attention and sales with a range of alternative strategies, other than discounts”

Social Proof
His research that is relevant to us, has found that the single most effective alternative to discounting is what he calls ‘Social proof’. He goes on to say that “good customer reviews, such as 5 star ratings, can be very persuasive to secure sales, as we tend to trust our peers. My research found that this is the most powerful principle to counteract discounting”.

Who Gives You Extra?
He also cites a strong alternative as “The power of “free”. This is what he refers to when retailers include something extra with the purchase. This is why we have always provided a scrummy Suffolk Breakfast Basket with your stay. We do tell people they will get this, but it is still often a surprise that a) it is there, and b) how good it is.

Scrummy Breakfast Basket with every Woodfarm break – we have GF, Veggie, and Vegan options too

Authority Bias
The other main finding that is very pertinent to Woodfarm is what Pérez calls “Authority bias”. He says that “Reviews from experts or authority figures lends extra credibility to a particular product or store. For example, if you see a brand or retailer has won an industry award, that could sway your purchase decision”. To this end we have been so pleased to feature in loads of related publications over the years, as well as feature on The BBC, ITV, and in The Times. 

Perhaps our biggest ‘shout it from the rooftops’ factor in this regard though is the fact that we have been bestowed with our precious Gold awards ever since we have been rated by Visit England, the main authority on, well, Visits in England! And to cap it all, they awarded us their extremely coveted ROSE AWARD last year! 

Tim & Carl picking up the Visit England ROSE AWARD for Team Woodfarm

So if the leading expert at Google thinks we are going about things the right way then I’m good with that. If you would like to read Mr. Pérez’s full article you can.

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AirArtwork in partnership with Woodfarm

AirArtwork – artists working for artists. We have such an exciting collaboration to share with you. AirArtwork is a new, innovative collaboration between Artists, prestigious premises and art lovers. And they are Suffolk based!

I was contacted by the founder Astra Taylor-Todd and was intrigued by the concept, which seemed like such an innovative way to add a new dimension to our Barns & Barges, whilst connecting artists directly with buyers.

Their aim is to utilise the abundance of wall space in holiday properties, restaurants and other prestigious commercial premises with original art for sale. 

Astra says “As a working artist myself I understand how difficult it is for an artist to gain exposure and the financial commitments needed to progress in the industry. AirArtwork’s premise is to support artists by giving them more percentage per sale (70%) than the industry standard gallery 50%. Exhibitions and Fairs charge a substantial amount to exhibit an artist’s work for just a few days, with AirArtwork the artist has no fees”.

AirArtwork only began in January 2023, and they already have 30 amazing artists signed up with more applications being processed at the time of posting this is April 2023.

Their aim is to partner with prestigious premises such as Woodfarm Barns & Barges, and offer a portfolio of local, national, and international artists to exhibit for sale.

So how does it work? AirArtwork hangs artwork in the premises, next to the art is a label with the artworks title, name of the artist, a QR code and a website link address. Guests can either scan the QR code or if they prefer they can type in the website link address, both will take them to the profile page of the artist on the AirArtwork website.

As with any online shopping you can purchase the artwork with a few simple clicks. The artwork in front of you is now yours. You will be sent a confirmation email to your chosen email address as a receipt. 

The premises you are in will have some bubble wrap and you will be informed in a follow up email of where the wrap is. You can take the work down, wrap it in bubbles and take it home with you.

AirArtwork will replace the work with another piece once you have left.

If you have a small car or the work is too large for you to take home, that’s ok. We can arrange delivery for the work to be sent to your home.

If you notice other works you like on the website and fall in love with those instead, no problem, if they are on the website then they are available to purchase.

We at Woodfarm are delighted to be partnering with AirArtwork, and hope that the pieces in our Barns and Barges are of interest to you. For any queries or enquiries, simply contact them via the AirArtwork website.

AirArtwork pieces are on display aboard Onderneming, and in Alde Barn, Deben Barm, Gipping Barn, Orwell Barn, Stour Barn and The Granary Barn.

Please take a look around the AirArtwork site by clicking on their logo below

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Last minute hot tub breaks in Suffolk

There are few things more exciting in life than booking last minute hot tub breaks. Sure, a holiday that’s booked well in advance gives you something to look forward to, but booking something in the spirit of spontaneity has an added flair to it that simply can’t be rivalled. There you were thinking that all you’d get up to at the weekend was mowing the lawn. Then, with a few clicks on our website, you find yourself immersed in plenty of bubbles in a beautiful part of the world. Whenever you feel compelled to leave the comfort of your hot tub – and there really is no rush – you’ll find that you’re within a short distance of a wide variety of fantastic restaurants, bars, and countless other things to see and do. Serving as an up to date guide to all of the many great things in Suffolk, be sure to take a look at our blog when travelling down for your last minute hot tub break.

Whether it’s a romantic break or a family holiday, there can be no doubt that the addition of a hot tub to your accommodation ramps up the rest and relaxation you’ll experience by a fair few notches. As specialists and big believers in the benefits of rest and relaxation, it will come as no surprise to learn that we take our hot tubs seriously. It’s for this reason that our private hot tubs can all comfortably be described as large and luxurious, with some featuring up to 30 jets for an altogether superior experience.

See now why we’re convinced there are few pleasures in life greater than booking a last minute hot tub break? 

You don’t just have to take our word for the benefits of hot tubs; scientists agree that there’s advantages to settling in for a good soak. Specifically, the massaging effects of the jets have been proven to reduce physical and mental stress as well as laying down the foundations for a better night’s sleep. Another study also points out how people who regularly spend time with their loved ones are generally happier and live longer lives. There can surely be no better place to get together with a loved one than a luxurious and private hot tub, can there? This insight also provides a good reason to book more than just one last minute hot tub break this year. 

All well-covered, the hot tubs available to guests enjoying a last minute hot tub break at our Barns look out on rural surroundings, creating the perfect environment to soak up the atmosphere. Being covered also means that you’re able to enjoy all the benefits of our wide range of hot tubs, no matter what time of the year you come to join us at our Barns for rent. What’s more, we welcome guests to enjoy a glass of fizz or two when making use of their hot tub, making it possible to experience some bubbly with bubbles. 

Offering last minute hot tub breaks with a difference, our Barns feature enclosed gardens, comfortable furnishings, luxurious interiors, and are all dog-friendly. We also provide a range of luxury hampers should you care for some nibbles and refreshments before settling in for an evening in your hot tub. And after all, why wouldn’t you?

Should you require any further convincing that a last minute hot tub break with us is the best and most spontaneous thing you can do, we’ve also covered how our offering covers all the popular needs that holidaymakers seek out. More specifically:

  1. We’re based in a great location

The quality of any hot tub holiday is largely determined by location. Based in one of the most picturesque locations in England, our Barns for rent in Suffolk boast – yes, we’ll go as far as to say they boast – outstanding views overlooking the countryside and are based near to a wide range of fantastic towns and villages.

  1. We offer outstanding privacy

Not only are our hot tubs large and luxurious, they’re also situated with privacy in mind. By positioning them in secluded areas, we’re able to create an appropriately private environment that makes it even easier for our guests to soak up the bubbles and their surroundings. This focus on privacy is also a big part of the appeal of our Barns in general, being nestled in the countryside as they are. 

  1. We are experts in rest and relaxation

Whilst it might seem obvious, it’s worth repeating that there is a great deal of difference between a standard hot tub and a more luxurious one. Having taken the time to source hot tubs that have a leading reputation for comfort, we are able to confidently claim that we’re experts in rest and relaxation at Woodfarm Barns and Barges. All equipped with plenty of comfortable seating and jets, our hot tubs provide plenty of room for couples to stretch out and soak up the atmosphere.  

To find out more about any of the hot tubs in our accommodation, our Cottages and Barns page provides you with everything you need to make a decision. To book your last minute hot tub break in Suffolk, simply check the availability of our Barns for rent now. For anything else, feel free to give us a call today.

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Quirky accommodation for dog lovers

If I had a penny for every time I heard “where’s the best quirky accommodation for dog lovers in Suffolk?”, I imagine I’d be well off enough to purchase a barge next to Twee Gebroeders and give up this blog writing lark for good. No, seriously. To answer the question once and for all, I’ve put some thoughts down about why our Barns and Barges for rent make for the most quirky accommodation for dog lovers.

But first, a slight detour that I promise is worthwhile. 

Back in 2000, a man named Red Wassenich made a donation to a radio station in his native Austin. When asked by the show’s hosts what had prompted him to make this donation, he replied: “because it keeps Austin weird”. Though Red’s donation is unlikely to be what keeps the place weird – this is a city that boasts over a thousand restaurants that will serve you Tacos for breakfast, after all – his reply was readily embraced by Austin businesses. Being weird, they all seemed to agree, was a wonderful thing to be.

I would like to suggest today that we wouldn’t go wrong if we were to take some inspiration from Red and encourage that everyone do their part to “Keep Suffolk Quirky”. This seems only right when you consider that Suffolk is a county that boasts the UK’s smallest pub (complete with a mummified cat hanging from the ceiling), has a “living museum”, and is home to the most famous UFO sighting in Britain. It even has its own distinct and quirky dialect that we’ve helped to explain at length in our guide to speaking the slang of Suffolk.

Evidently, when it comes to being quirky, nowhere does it quite so well as Suffolk. 

This of course begs the question: where to find quirky accommodation for dog lovers in Suffolk? After all, it would be an awful shame to enjoy all of the quirky charms of the county and not stay somewhere that was similarly characterised by its quirkiness. Or somewhere that you couldn’t bring your dog.

Whilst you’ll probably notice we often use adjectives like “luxurious”, “bespoke”, and “romantic” to describe our Barns and Barges for rent, we’ve also been partial to “quirky” in the past as quirky accommodation for dog lovers they certainly are. To prove this point, we’ve decided to take a renewed look at our Barns and Barges for rent to identify the various qualities that make them just as quirky as they are luxurious, bespoke, and romantic.

What makes our Barns for rent the best choice when it comes to quirky accommodation for dog lovers

As accommodation that sets itself apart from traditional alternatives – a key measure of quirkiness – our dog-friendly Barns combine comfort and outstanding facilities for guests to enjoy when holidaying in Suffolk. Specifically, the combination of classic countryside interiors with hot tubs and enclosed gardens make our Barns amongst the most unique and quirky accommodations in the county, if we do say so ourselves. 

If you still need convincing that we do quirky accommodation for dog lovers as well as we do luxurious accommodation for dog lovers, consider Woodfarm House. A highly spacious Cottage for rent, Woodfarm House has an oak-beamed lounge, an inglenook fireplace and seriously squishy sofas for guests to take advantage of downstairs. Upstairs, guests are greeted by a king-sized bed, dressing room and bathroom complete with a ‘Ball & Claw’ footed roll-top bath. Outside of this thatched 15th Century country home is a private hot tub that is accompanied by an outdoor shower. Taking care of dogs just as well as it does humans, Woodfarm House also has an enclosed kitchen garden for the stretching of four legs (love that!). For more rigorous runabouts, our fully secure two acre meadow is also available for your four legged friend to socialise with our other canine guests.

As dog friendly accommodation, it’s no surprise that all of our Barns have earned a leading reputation amongst dog lovers up and down the country. This reputation is further enhanced by their proximity to a range of dog-friendly pubs, restaurants and even a specially designed canine swimming pool. To discover all of the best things to do with your pooch when staying at our quirky accommodation for dog lovers, be sure to have a browse of our blog as well as our dedicated guides to dog friendly beaches. Continually updated, you can depend on our website for all of the very best things to see and do.   

Altogether, we’re pretty confident in saying that our Barns for rent in Suffolk offer some of the most comfortable and quirky accommodation for dog lovers that you’re likely to find. What’s more, we’re equally confident in saying that Suffolk affords dog lovers with perhaps the most exciting range of dog-friendly things to do of any county in the country.

What makes our Barges for rent the best choice when it comes to quirky accommodation for dog lovers

It’s hard to argue that there’s any accommodation quirkier than a Barge. Quirker still, if that barge happens to date back to the 19th century and is fitted with all of the comforts you would expect from accommodation built in the 21st century. Proudly describing both of our Barges as “quirky accommodation for dog lovers” long before such a description became trendy, they are moored at Snape Maltings and Woodbridge, and provide easy access to all of the great and quirky things there are to see and do in Suffolk.

Stepping aboard Twee Gebroeders in Woodbridge – how could a barge thus named be anything but quirky? – guests are welcomed to a truly romantic bolthole. Measuring 64 ft in length, the Barge is equipped with cosy cabin bedrooms and offers remarkable views from out of the portholes. Lovingly and expertly restored, guests don’t have to walk far to discover a range of similarly cosy pubs and restaurants.

Blessed with another suitably quirky name, Onderneming at Snape Maltings is moored on the River Alde and is also only a short walk from a selection of restaurants and boutique shops. At 94 ft in length, and with the option to comfortably sleep six to eight guests at a time, this Barge for rent has a host of historic features that can be found around her two kitchens, and living, and dining areas. With three bathrooms, three double bedrooms, and even a dedicated kids’ den with an extra single bunk bed, quirky accommodation for dog lovers doesn’t get much better than this. Or at least, we like to think so.

Both Twee Gebroeders and Onderneming are dog-friendly, making them the perfect place to holiday, whether guests have two sea legs or four. 

Quirky accommodation for dog lovers, with added benefits

As if our choices of quirky accommodation in Suffolk wasn’t enough, Woodfarm Barns & Barges also offers all four-legged guests their very own Dog Passport. No, this isn’t a joke. It is, in fact, another quirky element of our approach to things. Containing a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about the area, the passport also provides your dog with complete freedom to roam the “Principality of Woodfarm Barns”. In addition to these benefits, the dog passport also enables you to waive the small £15 charge that we implement for dog owners when they return for a second visit and beyond. Providing complete peace of mind, this passport provides contact details for any veterinary services you may require during your stay. Ultimately, we make it possible for your pet to become an instant VIP and enjoy any subsequent stays they may have completely free of charge.     

You don’t just have to take our word for how well we take care of our four legged friends at Woodfarm Barns and Barges. We’ve worked hard to build a leading reputation around this aspect of our Barns and Barges since 2009, and we have a dedicated guest book used by previous visitors who joined us for a pet friendly holiday that’s brimming with positive reviews.

Of course, it should also be pointed out that our Barns and Barges for rent are all professionally cleaned after each visit, making them just as inviting for any dog lovers who may be staying without a pet of their own in tow.

In summary, both our Barns and Barges make for the perfect stay if it’s quirky accommodation for dog lovers that you’re looking for. Bringing together classic and cosy styling with all of the modern features that make holidaying great, we’re rather convinced that they are every bit as quirky as they are romantic and luxurious. What’s more, their dog-friendly nature means that dog lovers can enjoy the highest quality of getaway with their best friend alongside them.

To book quirky accommodation for dog lovers in Suffolk today, be sure to take a look at the availability of our Barns and Barges for rent.