Holiday Cottage in Tuscany – WIN a FREE BREAK!

Holiday Cottage in Tuscany with the chance to WIN a FREE BREAK?!?!?! Yep! You can win a free break for two in our fabulous Romantic Tuscan hideaway! To launch the exciting news of the next phase of Woodfarm, we bring you the opportunity to WIN a FREE BREAK in our … Continue reading

Holiday Cottage in Tuscany

A Tuscany Holiday Cottage? Yes, you read that correctly… Woodfarm Barns has branched out and now has expanded the business slightly beyond Suffolk. Into Romantic Tuscany! Ok, I’m ridiculously excited as there’s so much to tell! I have two favourite places on this little planet of ours. Suffolk and Tuscany. … Continue reading

Holiday Postcards from Suffolk – with stamps!

Holiday Postcards are part of our heritage. They are as quintessentially English as it gets. We’ve had them here for years for our guests to send. And now we’ve decided to go the extra mile and put stamps on for you! Yes of course we live in different times now. We … Continue reading

Brambles Animal Sanctuary

Brambles Animal Sanctuary is a not for profit animal sanctuary in neighbouring Norfolk. And we’d never heard of them until yesterday. Here’s how…. Brambles Animal Sanctuary in Downham Market, Norfolk was completely unknown to us until a twist of fate caused by the weather. Due to heavy snow this week … Continue reading

Suffolk Holiday Cottage business with 600 Five Star Reviews!

Our Suffolk Holiday Cottage business now has 600 Five Star Reviews! I am so humbled to read every one of them as they come through. What it means to me is that our guests do our advertising for us, without us having to! I hardly ever post on social media … Continue reading

Dog-Friendly review from a unique perspective

This Dog-Friendly review from a unique perspective took us by surprise when it came in the other day. We like to think that Woodfarm Barns & Barges are universally appealing, and it’s this reason that we get all types of guests staying here. Read on and you’ll see why we were … Continue reading

Suffolk Holiday Cottages adding value

Our Suffolk Holiday Cottages and Barges offer a great base to explore our wonderful county. And we’ve decided to give you an extra little incentive to book yourselves a Winter break. So if you fancy a cosy break over the next few months read on… Cosy cottages with proper log … Continue reading

Christmas Holiday Cottage Advert

Christmas Holiday Cottage search underway? I’m afraid we can’t help as we are full again but do read on if you’d like to see the way the brains tick in the Woodfarm Marketing Department. It’s that time of year again in Christmas Holiday Cottage land. Children start getting excited around … Continue reading

Happy Dogs hang out at Woodfarm

Happy dogs is what we like. That’s why we try to ensure they have the best holidays, as well as the humans they drag along with them. We’re not rocket scientists; we just know that if we have happy dogs, we have happy owners. And as they (you) are the … Continue reading

Holiday Competition time again!

Holiday Competition time is here again folks. This time we’re using Harry Potter as one of our trademark tenuous links to give away ANOTHER FREE BREAK!!!! As we are 9 and 3/4 years old as a business, we had a brainstorming session with the entire Woodfarm Marketing team (Carl & … Continue reading

Pet Portraits on location with you

Pet portraits is something I know nothing about. It’s best to leave that to the experts and here’s a little piece about one of them. Detheo Photography was founded in 2010 by Maria Michael. I met Maria at a show we were both promoting our businesses. It was clear that … Continue reading

The Dog Collar guys at Canny Collar

The Dog Collar world is not something we know about but it is where the guys at Canny Collar excel. This blog is all about them and their innovative dog collar. As you know if you follow us, we have the dog collar world visiting us week in, week out … Continue reading

I haven’t made an advert! Honest!

I hate adverts.  This puts me in an usual position because I have a business to promote.  But I have a cunning plan.  I’m just going to tell you what we have here at Woodfarm Barns and let you decide if you would like to stay.  As ever, if you … Continue reading

Dog Swimming Pool fun in Suffolk

A dog swimming pool near our barns? Yes! Canine Dip and Dive is just the ticket for some aquatic fun for your four-legged family, whilst you’re staying with us If your hound or hounds have never tried a dog swimming pool then this is a must for all sorts of … Continue reading

Air BnB and Woodfarm Barns – the big secret

Air BnB is now bigger than the five biggest hotel chains in the world combined. This might not be a surprise to you.  Along with companies like Uber, Air BnB has been at the forefront of the tech evolution.  Air BnB is one of the companies who is setting out … Continue reading

Dog Agility Champ Fen; the English Springer Spaniel

This blog post is all about dog agility champ Fen; a 5 year old working English Springer Spaniel.     Fen is a regular guest at Woodfarm Barns, coming every year for a dog agility event held locally. He seems to simply hoover up the awards! He does bring his … Continue reading

Free Holiday Cottage break in Suffolk

We’ve had our Holiday Cottage business for almost a decade as I write this and yet we are still working on new ideas to entice people. We thought giving a FREE BREAK away just for keeping in touch with us was a Win/ Win! We’ve really made a name for … Continue reading

Dog Friendly Magazine and Woodfarm

Dog Friendly Magazine is arguably one of the industry leaders, and a respected journal amongst dog lovers. So we were delighted to have such an amazing 6 page feature in June 2018! We met one of the writers for Dog Friendly Magazine in February 2018, Emma Bearman, and her partner James, … Continue reading

Free Break at Woodfarm Barns or Barges

Having given away a FREE BREAK to so many lucky winners over the years, when we run our various competitions, we have decided to simply give one away every year just to say thank you to you for being on our mailing list, which we call our VIP Rewards Group. … Continue reading

WIN a Holiday – We’re Nine Years Old!

Happy Birthday to…. us!!!!! We are NINE years old! To celebrate WIN A HOLIDAY in our easiest Competition EVER! We have just given away a FREE BREAK to celebrate hitting our 300th Five Star Review on Tripadvisor and now we are giving you yet another chance to WIN A HOLIDAY! … Continue reading

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