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Woodfarm Barns the Movie

An actual two and a half minute video showing you every one of our dog-friendly holiday cottages.

We have lots of video footage of each cottage, as well as having our Amazing Virtual Tour. 

This tour allows you to look around every room of every cottage from the comfort of your armchair.

Book. Stay. Relax. Return.

Press play; sit back, relax, and picture your next break from the norm.

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Or for something completely different….

We also have two awesome Dutch Barges, moored in Suffolk! Both have featured in ‘The Times’ and offer a truly unique stay! They’re static so think of them as floating holiday cottages with views!

Just click to have a look at our other website Woodfarm Barges – Choose between one for couples on the River Deben in Woodbridge, and one for families or friends on the River Alde at Snape Maltings.

Seven Gold-Award winning luxury holiday cottages in Suffolk.

“Created with you in mind. Modern comforts with rural charm, all within easy reach of so many fabulous and interesting places such as the stunning heritage coast and so many beautiful Suffolk villages.

All our Suffolk Holiday Cottages are dog-friendly, with enclosed gardens and we have hundreds of Five Star TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google reviews. Book and plan your next holiday or short-break at Woodfarm Barns and make it your home from home”

Hundreds of Five Star Trip Advisor, Facebook and Google Reviews

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Visit England Gold Award

We are delighted to have been awarded the prestigious Quality in Tourism Gold Award from Visit England for ALL SEVEN of our Suffolk Holiday Cottages and BOTH of our Holiday Barges.

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19 hours ago

Woodfarm Barns

Tuscany bound!

Waiting for departure gate info, in James Martin Kitchen Stansted Airport

Couldn't use my #woodfarm #keepcup as I filled it with chopped melon before I left HQ!

Going to check on renovation progress and have meetings with builders, architect and project manager so I will report back. Work, work work! 🤣🤦‍♂️

#tuscany #holidaycottagetuscany #tuscanholidaycottage #woodfarmtuscany #dogfriendly #holidaycottages #dogofinstagram #doggo #dogpassport #dogpassports #vipooch
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20 hours ago

Woodfarm Barns

Judging from the reaction to the news in our post yesterday, there's a lot of love for the idea of Woodfarm, The Christmas Party, running Great Britain

Our 'Personifesto' certainly seems to have gone down very well, so I thought I'd add a couple more teasers of what we will do for the the UK in addition to a chewy Brexit and building 100 new hospitals....

* Free education: we will give everyone a degree without the tiresome process of studying, so everyone has an equal level of education and is guaranteed a good job. Brilliant

* We will raise the minimum wage up to £180 an hour so everyone is well off

* We promise to make crime illegal

So don't listen to Doris Bonson, Jeremiah Corbett or Nigel Garage. They're spouting piffle. Listen to the ONLY party that will deliver everything

We will be ramping up the propaganda, I mean good news, over the coming weeks until we get elected so please share and promote the only way to vote

If there's anything else you want, just ask. By the way, if you want a new hospital near you, just ask. We'll do it
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2 days ago

Woodfarm Barns

Ok people. As I've said before I don't get political on here but enough is enough now...

I’ve had enough of listening to the spurious promises being made by all the politicians, and I’ve realised that all you need to do is tell voters what they want to hear. You don’t need to worry about how you’ll deliver what you’re saying. It’s brilliant!

With what I do for a living, if you make promises, you have to deliver. But with politics you don’t. So I’ve decided to make my life easier, whilst simultaneously saving Great Britain

So it gives me great pleasure to announce that I am nominating myself for Prime Minister and leader of the Woodfarm Party, and we are going to make Britain great. Not entirely sure how but we will. Like I say, just trust us.

Vote Woodfarm. If it isn’t on your ballot paper, just add it. I’ve been told that will be fine

Firstly, we find the term Manifesto sexist so we are releasing our Personifesto;

We are going to leave the EU and stay in. We’ve found a way to stay in to make remainers happy, whilst leaving to make Brexiteers happy. Don’t ask the details, just trust us. It’s not going to be a hard or soft Brexit. We will leave and stay with a chewy Brexit

100 new hospitals. Really big ones. With all the gear

We are going to install Wifi, the speed of which hasn’t even been invented yet, and well pay you for using it. We will have this done by the first Tuesday after you elect us

Free vegetables to promote healthy eating
Free chocolate for balance

We will abolish tax as it spoils your wage slip. Don’t worry about where we will get the money to pay for everything, we have a cunning plan

Anything else you want, just ask and we will deliver
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3 days ago

Woodfarm Barns

A Tuscan video just for fun…
Our Tuscan treasure is a ten minute drive up a winding hillside. The only way to take advantage of the amazing views that we have is to wind your way up the side of the valley. So here’s a little sped up video I shot by strapping my phone to the sun visor. Listen for the engine sounding like Lewis Hamilton. Not bad for 1 litre Lancia Ypsilon!
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